CPS always aims to have a robust and stringent approach to the construction and maintenance of its policies and procedures as well to the way that both are put into practice.

In order to achieve a first class set of policies, procedures and practices, CPS has created the “CLASS” approach to ensure logic and consistency across the board.

The CLASS approach dictates that CPS’s policies, procedures and practices must be:

Comprehensive fully informed by requirements and guidelines laid down by the Department of Education and any other relevant organisation. This requires, amongst other things, regular monitoring for new and revised information.
Legible written in plain English and implemented clearly and simply with the particular audience in mind (i.e. staff, parents, pupils, as the case may be)
Accessible easily available to all relevant parties and using the most helpful and logical medium in each case (e.g. the CPS website, manuals, newsletters) and reinforced to pupils in an understandable manner, where applicable.
Supported hang together clearly and logically and be supported effectively by senior managers at the points of creation, implementation and revision. Certain policies/procedures may also be supported by the collation of relevant data on a day to day basis.
Scrutinised reviewed regularly and amended as appropriate in accordance with revised requirements/guidelines or in the light of experience.