Criteria for Admission

  • The school’s ability to meet the needs of the pupil
  • An available space in the appropriate age group. Pupils will not be admitted into a year group outside of their age group unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Nursery Admissions

In Foundation One, children may attend full-time but this is not compulsory and depends on the needs of the child and their parents

In cases where a sibling has attend previously and have left during, or at the end of Foundation, so not moving on to the main school, a place may not be offered to that child.

Process for Admission to Crowstone Preparatory School

Having viewed the School and met children, teachers and the Headmaster the parents/guardians are invited to complete the registration process. This includes the completion of the registration form and payment of a registration fee. If there is not a space available, the pupil will be placed on a waiting list. Consideration will be given to maintaining a gender balance.

If a pupil is transferring from another school, the previous school is contacted to obtain the pupil’s records and to ascertain that there are no outstanding debt or issues.

If the School feels it can meet the needs of the pupil and Formal Offer of a Place is made which involves accepting the place and agreement to be bound by the School's Terms and Conditions, to adhere to all policies and procedures and to Home School Agreement. Once the terms and conditions have been signed, it becomes binding and a date of entry is agreed, which is confirmed in writing.

Scholarships and Bursaries

We are able, on certain occasions, to offer bursaries. Please contact the School Office for more details and for an application form. Bursaries are reviewed annually and are means tested.

We also offer scholarships to both current pupils and to prospective pupils. More details are available from Mr Thayer, the Headteacher.


When parents/guardians are not satisfied that the process of admissions has been carried out in line with the policy, they should raise these concerns with the Headteacher in the first instance. If the parents are still not satisfied they may follow the Complaints Procedure.