The 11+ is now scheduled for mid-September. Just as the candidates enter Year Six, around three weeks after they start their final year with us. Year Five has now become the critical year for 11+ preparation. Work in the combined year group is geared towards this examination and the statutory Year Six SATs (Standard Assessment Tests).

The Children are encouraged to be independent learners, developing good study habits, in readiness for their studies at Senior School. This involves research, clear presentation, recording and self analysis of their work and to suggest how they could improve in the future.

Knowledge of tables and other mathematical facts are crucial, together with a good all-round general knowledge. Analysing and appreciating text is studied in greater depth. Children are also encouraged to acknowledge other peoples points of view when working collaboratively in a group.

Throughout their time in Upper School children are encouraged to be organised and to take responsibility for their own actions; having the right equipment in School, P.E. Kit, homework and so on.

They are also encouraged to play an active role in school with duties assigned to House Captains, Head Prefects and through the School Council where they are encouraged to express their views and opinions on School related matters.

Sport plays an important part in school life through each year but especially in Upper School where pupils regularly represent Crowstone in Football, Athletics, Cross-Country and Swimming. Also, the School is well represented at the Southend Music Festival where pupils undertake the L.A.M.D.A. examination.

Upper School pupils periodically present topical assemblies and organise fund raising events to support the Friends of Crowstone committee.

As much as the children and the School are judged by their examination results, equally, they are judged on their manners and presentation.

Mr JP Thayer

Headmaster, Class Teacher - Upper School