On leaving Foundation 2, we endeavour to make the transition for the children into Lower School (Years 1 and 2) as smooth as possible. As we are a small school the children are already familiar with all staff and have established a personal rapport with them.

The children continue to have all their specialist subjects as before, such as P.E, Speech & Drama, I.C.T, French and Music.

The other subjects on the Year 1 and 2 timetable are Numeracy, Literacy, Topic, Circle Time, Art, Design and Technology, Science, R.E and P.S.H.E.

The Numeracy work is a continuation of the N.H.M scheme which they began in Foundation 2 and follow through to year 3. Year 1 looks at numbers up to 20 as well as covering other aspects such as Shape, Measure and Data Handling as well as problem solving activities, mental maths questions and the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Year 2 looks at numbers 20 to 100 and beyond, division and fractions, Shape, Space and Measure, problem solving, mental maths and includes the 3 and 4 times tables.

Our Literacy work in both Years 1 and 2 includes regular hand writing practice, spellings and dictation work, phonics, sentence structure, punctuation and story writing, poetry as well as English Comprehension. All children have a Word Book which enables them to check their spellings and they are all encouraged to become as independent in their writing as is possible in this early stage of development. The children are encouraged in our designated library time to look at as many different types of books as possible and are heard to read on a daily basis. This includes daily assessment of their comprehension skills.

Our Topic work is varied and relevant to each year group. We explore and look at as many different aspects within the chosen topic as possible and have as much fun as we can along the way!

Art, Design and Technology allows the children to use a number of different materials such as paint, clay, wool, mod-rock etc. to create their work, as well as to plan and design it.

Our Science work is a two year rolling programme, looking at different aspects such as Living and Growing, The Senses, Light and Dark, Sound, Materials, Plants, Things That Move, Magnets and Electricity. Practical work includes experiments as well as recording our findings.

R.E (Religious Education) introduces the children to well known Bible stories as well as allowing them to think about their own beliefs. Our school has children from many different faiths and we support them all.

P.S.H.E (Personal,Social and Health Education) encourages our children to think about the best way to care about themselves as well as how we should behave towards others. The ethos of our school encourages good manners, respect for each other and to keep ourselves healthy and safe.

Each child is issued with a Homework Diary and this enables both the teacher and parent to write a daily comment and clearly states the homework required for each school day. We have an open door policy which allows you as the parent to see and chat with me each day and discuss any concerns or worries that you may have.

Mrs F Watkins

Class Teacher - Lower School