The 11+ is now scheduled for mid-September. Just as the candidates enter Year Six, around three weeks after they start their final year with us. Year Five has now become the critical year for 11+ preparation. Work in the combined year group is geared towards this examination and the statutory Year Six SATs (Standard Assessment Tests).

Mr JP Thayer

Headmaster, Class Teacher - Upper School

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The children in this class are at the beginning of Key Stage 2. They are encouraged to become more independent in their learning. Their reading becomes increasingly confident, they are reading for research and for pleasure in addition to their book from the school reading scheme.

Mrs W Lewis

Class Teacher - Lower Juniors, Deputy Headteacher

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On leaving Foundation 2, we endeavour to make the transition for the children into Lower School (Years 1 and 2) as smooth as possible. As we are a small school the children are already familiar with all staff and have established a personal rapport with them.

Mrs F Watkins

Class Teacher - Lower School

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In the Foundation Unit (what we used to call Kindergarten and Reception) we promote pupil development by encouraging the children to have an enquiring mind using the guidance of the 7 Areas of Learning, as set out by the EYFS (Early Years foundation stage)

Mrs B Thorn (F2, EYFS Lead) & Mrs J Coverly (F1)

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