Dear Parents,

On Wednesday 6 July the school will close its doors for the last time. It is a sad day but we hope that we have achieved closure in a calm and timely manner which has allowed pupils enough time to find and transition to new schools. Certainly the pupils who have remained are still enjoying what Crowstone has to offer.

We thank everyone for their kind words of support. They have been a great solace as we too consider our futures.

It is usual for us to put on an event at the end of term to celebrate the Year 6's moving on to their new schools. In recent years we have opened this out to the whole school and with visits to Belchamps Scout Activity Centre. This year we had planned to visit Rope Runners and Old MacDonald's Farm - however, this was not possible in the end. But, we still think that we should try to honour this tradition in some form and arrange something for our pupils.

Therefore, on the afternoon of Wednesday 6 we shall hold a small concert in our hall for our remaining pupils and parents, from 2pm. This will be our final assembly, bring your tissues... From 4pm we hope to see as many of you as possible at Base Jump in Rayleigh, followed by a meal in the Harvester, just next door from 5:30pm. Parents will need to book slots for their children at Base Jump before Wednesday but Isla has already booked a table at the Harvester.


Looking forward to seeing you!