Specialist subjects are taught by specialists in their field:

It is far better to receive information or instruction from a person who has particular knowledge, understanding and experience, even passion, about a particular field than from one who just "dabbles" or knows and understands only what is needed. It is for this reason that we believe specialist subjects such as Music, French or Sport etc. should be taught by a specialist teacher, much as they would be at Secondary School or University. Core subjects such as English, Maths, History and Geography are taught by highly competent Form Tutors.

Crowstone offers a wide range of Sports across an extensive programme for pupils from Early Years (Foundation 1/2 ) up to Year 6. Sport promoted as an important part of school life with the emphasis on sport being both an enjoyable and healthy pursuit, aiding their social and emotional development.

Mr G Pennyfather

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Children are encouraged to play instruments, sing and explore musical theory concepts. All children sing in the school choirs. Mrs Strange also runs the renowned Christmas and Summer concerts, preparing the children during these lessons.

Mrs S Strange

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At Crowstone Preparatory School French is taught from the age of 3 by a French native tutor who has more than 30 years experience. We believe strongly that the younger children start to learn a language, the easier they find it.

Mme C Hindle

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At Crowstone technology is taught to all year groups from Foundation upwards each week, by a specialist technology teacher. We promote ‘creative computing’ rather than passively using computers as word processors to produce pieces of work. We use programmes such as ‘Scratch’, ‘Beebot’ and 'Python'. We have a dedicated computer suite and 20 Raspberry Pis’ throughout the school for children to use.

Mr SA Thayer

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Children may receive extra support either within the classroom, or in individual one-to-one sessions or small groups. We work extremely closely with parents and encourage the children to be part of their target setting.

Mrs K Dallaway


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Whilst there is a focus at Crowstone on the core subjects, the "3Rs" if you will - there is also plenty of time to enjoy some of the more creative and competitive aspects of learning and interacting with each other.

We offer a varied selection of activities throughout the week which we regularly adapt to the children's interests. We currently have a keenly competed chess league run by Year 6!

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Drama Open or Close

    Thursday Lunchtimes - Mrs S Lightfoot.

    For the moment this is a free offering. Pupils can attend if they so wish but must be willing to commit to the session and the term.

    The sessions focus on confidence building through choral speaking, prose and performing a piece to an audience. Pupils work towards mid and end of year performances and local drama festivals.

  • Music Department Open or Close
    Monday Violin - Mrs L Kelly
    Tuesday Singing - Mrs Alexander

    Guitar - Mrs Bull

    Piano/Flute - Miss Compton

    Private music lessons are 20 minutes long. Places are limited!

  • Other Open or Close

    Any Lunchtime (adhoc) - Chess Club (run by Year 6)

    Thursday Lunchtime - C-Pi-S Club, Mr SA Thayer

    Friday, 3:30 - 4:30 - Homework Club, Mr JP Thayer


    All of these clubs are free offerings for the time being.

  • Sport Department Open or Close
      Autumn & Spring Terms Summer Term
    Monday Football Kwik Cricket/Rounders
    Tuesday Gymnastics Gymnastics
    Wednesday Ball Skills Balls Skills
    Thursday Hockey/Basketball/Tag Rugby Athletics
    Friday Fencing Fencing

    Sports clubs are run after school from 3:40 to 4:40.


    Our Fencing club is run by Mr James Beavers, an Olympian and competitor at the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney!


Please note, an additional charge may apply for some of the activities (music, sport). Please check the current fee structure for more information.